Revenue Potential of your Commercial Clients with Artificial Intelligence

  • What revenue potential does your book have in 2021?
  • Which policies and industries have the growth potential?
  • Which policies and industries have the highest lifetime value? 
  • How much can you account round mono-line and multi-line policies?
  • How much can each of your account executives/CSRs/producers account round this month? Next month? This year?
  • Are there any hidden opportunities you're not taking advantage of?What revenue potential does your book have in 2021?
Valuation Tracker

Top Industries to Focus on This Year

We help you understand not only the current standing of your book of business but also the potential you have in your book. We use dynamic company growth and health indicators to bubble up account winning moments.

Industry Segments

Target Growth Goals for Each of your Producers and CSRs

Every time you refresh the dataset in our platform, we'll add new data points and give you insights on your book.

Highest Lifetime Value Policies and Industries

Get a granular understanding of which policies are your loss leaders, and which have the potential to stick on your book for a long time.

How do we do it? Relativity6 takes one a simple report from your AMS system and creates key customer statistics including customer lifetime value and potential retention based on several variables.

Read our data science paper on how to value insurance customers with AI to learn more.


  • How do we get started?

    You or whomever is in charge of your Agency or Broker management system sends us 2 simple reports. We'll send you very clear instructions on how to pull those reports. And if you want to start using our Relativity6 Broker Product, you'll be ready to do it immediately.

  • What happens to my data?

    We take data incredibly seriously at Relativity6, just ask our Chief Compliance Officer Sam. We've worked with incredibly sophisticated carriers that have put us through the wringer on data security and privacy. Your data is yours and does not touch other client's data.

    1. We do not sell your data to anyone
    2. We will never become insurance brokers/agents (no offense)
    3. Your data is safe and siloed away from other clients and users

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