Goal: Increase Retention

Relativity6 attacked retention of SME clients with a multi-pronged approach: predict clients most likely to churn, recommend additional products, and match the right broker to the right opportunity.

Results: 85% Predictive Accuracy

In Q4 of 2018 we identified lapsed customers with 85%accuracy, and reactivated approximately 1% of the clients overall book of business.The platform also segmented churn risk across several client dimensions: business unit, department, occupation, and more.We also ranked brokers based on historical performance, matching the best broker to the best retention and cross-sell opportunity.

Next Step: Operationalize the AI

Relativity6 algorithms will progress out of the sandbox pilot environment and become an integrated tool for executives and brokers to make business decisions. With a constant connection to data we’ll learn even faster, better able to maximize revenue and retention opportunities.

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