Relativity6 is for insurance brokers and agents

Relativity6 works with some of the biggest insurance brokers and agents in the world. Learn about our use cases in Insurance for brokers. Answer questions like:

  • Which of your policies have the highest lifetime value?
  • What policies are most likely to renew or cancel?
  • What is the strongest indicator of policyholder retention?
  • Which policy bundles lead to highest customer LTV?
  • What customers are most likely to purchase a 2nd product?
  • Where are your best cross sell opportunities?

Some of our partners in insurance

“We had a depth of understanding, capabilities and performance within the business that we never had before"

Source 1

Brent Lehmann

General Manager, Head of Innovation, Willis Towers Watson

"I made an extra $3,500 in the first month using R6's cross selling platform"

Source 2

Vishal  C.

Commercial Broker, Willis Towers Watson

Features for Insurance Brokers and Agents

Captive Agent/Broker Weekly Prioritization

Prioritize customers and help captive agents tackle their best opportunities at the right time.

Individual Customer Cross Sell

Give brokers opportunities to cross sell with policy recommendations at point of need.

Customer Lifetime Value

Understand all phases of the customer lifecycle to better value lifetime value and prioritize your broker's time.

Product feature 1

Working with some of the largest insurance brands in the world

Relativity6 understands the data and analytics needs of the insurance industry. Our products answer questions like:

  • Which policyholders will churn in the next 60-90 days?
  • Which policyholders are most likely purchase a new policy?
  • What are the most profitable products in the next quarter?
  • Which bundle of policies will result in the highest lifetime value for each segment?
Product feature 2

Predict Customer Behavior months ahead of time, be ready for the unexpected.

Our forecasting technology helps customers understand upcoming customer behavior and plan ahead.

Our insurance broker and agent case studies speak for themselves

Smart mobile app

Relativity6 and Willis Towers Watson use AI to increase retention

Learn how to implement AI at a large insurance org.

Call booth

Relativity6 predict Life Insurance customer behavior

Relativity6 predicts customer behavior for a large US group carrier and helps predict distributor behavior.

Some of the best insurance agencies, big and small are already using AI

Empower your brokerage or agency with our platform, don't miss out.