Frequently asked questions

  • Does the platform pull data from certain systems?

    Yes, AMS360 and Applied Epic are the most common platforms that we integrate with. We’ve become experts at the data structures in those systems. But, we’re also able to integrate with systems like Salesforce, Pipedrive and others.

  • What is the typical return on investment?

    When agencies use our platform they are able to increase sales of their existing policy book by 10 - 25% every year. When using our system, we expect that you’ll see a significant increase in organic revenue from current policy holders being cross sold relevant new policies.

  • How accurate are your predictions?

    We only show predictions if our algorithms prove to be 80-85% accurate.

  • What kinds of companies does Relativity6 work best with?

    Small and Mid Market Commercial and Personal P&C Insurance Brokers and Agents. But really our AI works with any company whose priority is cross selling more insurance policies and financial products to their current book of business.

  • What if we’re too small and we don’t have enough data.

    That’s ok. In fact, if you’re a smaller firm, and have less data. Counterintuitively to what most insurance professionals who have studied or understand statistics, actuarial work and the law of large numbers think, you don’t really need a lot of data to generate accurate predictions.

    What’s more important in developing machine learning based predictive analytics is that you have a large breadth of variables available and that the data is accurate and consistent. If you’re a user of the 2 big AMS systems, and have been collecting data in those systems for at least 2 years, we’re confident that we’ll beat the 80-85% bottom accuracy threshold to bubble up predictions.