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Advance your AI Priorities with R6 Insights

We offer AI insights and reports that help companies make better, more wise decisions.

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Data Science Consulting

Our team consists of elite data scientists, engineers and strategists with diverse professional and academic backgrounds. We iterate on problems quickly, and focus on delivering results

Data Engineering

Ensure that your data is correct, consistent and useable in machine learning models.

Operationalize AI

Understand the Enterprise Value in your Data and ways to optimize your organization.

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Is your data a mess? We can help.

Through our offerings of data engineering and data science services we can help teams create and execute on smart data roadmaps.

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Is your data AI-ready? Sign up for a data audit today.

Relativity6 Predictive Exploratory Data Analyses help organizations benchmark their data programs and see how close or far they are from getting their orgs ready for running predictive analytics algorithms.

Learn about what you can and can't predict with your current data sets.

"I was sent R6 emails with alerts when my clients were likely to churn and, more importantly, why."

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Olivia H.

Private Clients Insurance Brokers, Willis Towers Watson

"R6's platform predicted that one of my client's were closing up shop. It turns out they were right, within about a week."

Source 2

James C.

Commercial Insurance Broker, Willis Towers Watson

Get a low-cost EDA

Answer questions like:

  • Is your data balanced enough for AI?
  • Is there enough data for AI use cases like retention predictions?
  • Are you collecting data correctly?
  • Do you need to augment data with external sources?
  • What can and can't you predict for, today.