Case Study: Life Insurance Predictions

Relativity6 partnered with a top global life insurance carrier group based in the United States to generate customer insights and predict customer behavior across regions and segments.

  • Read about a real world implementation of AI
  • Key indicators of an effective data set for AI in life insurance
  • Phases of an effective enterprise AI project
  • How to predict and treat for life insurance customers with AI

Relativity6 Predicts Life Insurance Customer Behavior

  • Predict Life Insurance Retention 60 days ahead of time
  • Learn how R6 approaches the use case
  • Retain customers, find customers most likely to be retained, give your teams the best opportunities to sell

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Proving the impact of Artificial Intelligence on your Organization and Customers

Relativity6's AI insights and predictions gave us a depth of understanding and performance within the business that we never had before.

Brian Arnold

Brent Lehmann

General Manager, Innovation, Willis Towers Watson

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