What We Do


Captive Agent/Broker Weekly Prioritization

Help Agents, Brokers and Advisors prioritize their books of business. Offer product recommendations 60-90 days in advance.

Individual Customer Churn

Detect Customer Churn and Reach out to Customers Far Before it's too late.

Individual Customer Cross Sell

Recommend Products to Customers to Increase Lifetime Value.

Customer Lifetime Value

Measure Customer Lifetime Value Over Time using Relativity6 Models and Keep Your Best Customers

Small/Medium Business Churn + Cross Sell

Know When Your Most Valuable Customers will Churn 60-90 days ahead of time and Offer Products to Keep them Past Their Renewal Dates.

Independent Agent Churn

Independent Agents Are Your Real Customers. Know When They Will Churn Before it's Too Late.

Independent Agent Lifetime Value

Measure Independent Agent Lifetime Value Over Time using Relativity6 Models and Keep Your Best Agents Before they Turn to Competitors.

New Quote to Application Conversion

Key in on Quotes that Are Most Likely to Convert.

Net New Customer Prediction

Predict New Customers Worth Keeping and Worth the Cost of Acquisition.

Credit Card Churn + Cross Sell

Key In on Credit Card Data to Find Your Best Customers and Offer Them Products.

Experienced Artificial Intelligence Experts

Developed at MIT and based on our cofounder's graduate thesis research, Relativity6 is a machine learning platform which enables enterprise companies to accurately predict patterns and behaviors. Relativity6 products have been able to increase monthly retention for partners by .5-1% on average.
We are MIT alumni, professors, data scientists, engineers and behavioral economists and have offices in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Los Angeles, California and Guadalajara, Mexico.