Data Science Consulting

Our team consists of elite data scientists, engineers and strategists with diverse professional and academic backgrounds. We iterate on problems quickly, and focus on delivering results

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Data Cleaning

Ensure that your data is correct, consistent and useable in machine learning models.

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Data Lake Creation

Create a centralized repository to store all your structured and unstructured data.

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Data Science Support

Hire our Data Science teams to help support your efforts or expand your program as you scale.

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Experienced Artificial Intelligence Experts

Developed at MIT and based on our cofounder's graduate thesis research, Relativity6 is a machine learning platform which enables enterprise companies to accurately predict patterns and behaviors. Our product have increased monthly retention for partners by .5-1% on average.
We are MIT alumni, professors, data scientists, engineers and behavioral economists and have offices in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Los Angeles, California and Guadalajara, Mexico.