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Relativity6 AI Technology

Technology that gives Insurance Buyers and Sellers readily available, and easily accessible relevant, timely and predictive information.

AI Powered Cross Sell

Relativity6 has developed the world's most accurate Insurance cross sell system. Reach out to customers with timely recommendations to help them reduce risks. Help account executives grow accounts with AI.

  • What's the best cross sell recommendation right now?
  • Which cross sell will increase a customer's lifetime value?
  • Add positive engagement points to your customers' journey, and get a better customer experience.
  • Increase Net Promoter Scores by adding value with recommendations.
  • Keep and satisfy customers who value a real advisor, not just lowest prices.
"Relativity's insights made our customers feel like we had their backs." - Vishal, Willis Towers Watson Australia

Reasons to reach out with External Data

Relativity6 developed a live knowledge graph with over 150M data points to help agencies get more context into their customers' worlds.

  • What are the best reasons to reach out to customers?
  • Are any significant weather events predicted to happen near your clients?
  • Get more context into your client's lives and be a better, more attentive advisor.

Customer and Policy Retention Predictions

  • Which of your customers is most likely renew their policies? Which are least likely to renew?
  • When is the best time intervene with the customers?
  • Know when customers are leaving before they even start shopping around.
Featured work

Customer lifetime value

Relativity6 literally wrote the paper on Insurance customer lifetime value. Survival modeling helps Relativity6 value your customers based on 1000s of potential scenarios projected into the future.

  • How much is your current book of business worth?
  • Which segments of customers have the highest lifetime value?
  • What would your book of business be worth to a potential acquirer? Or the agency you're thinking of acquiring?