WTW - Relativity6 Case Study

AI to predict over 80%
customer churn and drive customer success

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Results from the Case Study

Relativity6 trained their system to predict which WTW SME clients would churn within the next 60 days. These predictions included client level cross sell recommendations, as well as matching brokers to the optimal account.

Immediate Results

  • 84% accuracy in predicting which clients would churn, 60 days in advance of the churn event

  • Roadmap to deliver weekly predictions to WTW Brokers

Results after the first quarter with Relativity6:

  • 6.5% improvement over quarterly budget

  • 80% effectiveness in retaining clients identified as having a high risk of churning

  • Achieved positive return on annual investment

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Quotes from WTW's team

“We had a depth of understanding performance within the business that we never had before"
Brent L. - General Manager – Affinity & Commercial for WTW Australia
"Relativity6 predicted that one of my client's was closing. It turns out, they were right."
James C. - Commercial broker WTW
"I made an extra $1,500 in the first month of using Relativity6's cross selling technology"
Vishal C. - Commercial broker WTW
"Relativity6's technology predicted when my clients were churning and why."
Olivia H. - Private Clients broker WTW