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NAICs Code for Dental Office

The NAICs code for dental offices is 621210. These businesses typically include DDSs' (doctors of dental surgery) offices of dentists, dental surgeons', DMDs' (doctors of dental medicine) offices, family dentists' offices, orthodontists' offices, and periodontists' offices, among others. These businesses are responsible for providing a wide range of dental services, including general check-ups, cleaning, filling cavities, root canal treatments, tooth extractions, and the installation of braces or dentures. Additionally, oral pathologists'', oral and maxillofacial surgeons' offices of dentists, and prosthodontists' offices may offer more specialized treatments such as dental surgery or advanced prosthetic solutions.

The dental industry plays a crucial role in maintaining oral health and improving the quality of life for individuals. Dental services are in high demand, as they are essential for preventing and treating dental problems that can lead to pain, discomfort, and other health issues. These businesses may operate as independent practice or as part of larger dental groups or networks, and may employ a range of support staff, health practitioners such as dental hygienists, assistants, and receptionists. Overall, the dental industry provides vital services to individuals and contributes significantly to the healthcare sector.

Examples of NAICs for Dental Office

  • DDSs' (doctors of dental surgery) offices (e.g., centers, clinics)
  • Dental surgeons' offices (e.g., centers, clinics)
  • Dentists' offices (e.g., centers, clinics)
  • DMDs' (doctors of dental medicine) offices (e.g., centers, clinics)
  • Doctors of dental medicine (DMDs) offices (e.g., centers, clinics)
  • Doctors of dental surgery (DDSs) offices (e.g., centers, clinics)
  • Endodontists' offices (e.g., centers, clinics)
  • Family dentists' offices (e.g., centers, clinics)
  • Oral and maxillofacial surgeons' offices (e.g., centers, clinics)
  • Oral pathologists' offices (e.g., centers, clinics)
  • Orthodontists' offices (e.g., centers, clinics)
  • Pathologists', oral, offices (e.g., centers, clinics)
  • Periodontists' offices (e.g., centers, clinics)
  • Prosthodontists' offices (e.g., centers, clinics)
  • Surgeons', dental, offices (e.g., centers, clinics)

NAICs Code for Dental Laboratories

The NAICs code for dental laboratories is 339116. Dental laboratories are responsible for the creation of bridges, dentures, and orthodontic appliances, all of which are custom made to fit the specific needs and requirements of individual patients. These labs employ skilled technicians who use a range of materials and techniques to produce high-quality dental products that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Custom-made teeth are also produced in dental laboratories, and these are used for a variety of purposes in dental medicine, including dental implants and cosmetic restorations.

The dental laboratory industry plays an important role in the broader field of dentistry, as these labs are essential for the production of a range of dental products. By using state-of-the-art equipment and techniques, dental labs are able to create high-quality, custom-made dental products that are tailored to the needs of individual patients. The dental laboratory industry is also subject to various regulations and standards, which ensure the safety and effectiveness of the products produced. As such, dental laboratories are an important part of the healthcare industry and are vital for maintaining and improving the oral health of patients.

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