About Relativity6

Who we are

Founded at MIT in 2016, Relativity6 is a data science organization driven to provide actionable context with billions of external data points. This obsession with context has led us to where we are today, a world class AI company focused on industry identification. Businesses are more versatile now than ever, and our technology is trained to detect what businesses actually do.

Our best in class industry detections allows you to confidently underwrite, provide new business quotes based on class of business, better detect fraudulent activities or claims, provide more relevant marketing messages, and know more about the customers you serve.

R6 Team

Alan Ringvald

Alan Ringvald

Co-Founder, CEO, MIT


Abe Rodriguez

CTO & Co-founder, MIT

Ignacio "Nash" Arellano

Head of Partnerships


Samuel Breen

Legal, JD

Dinah Melke

Dinah Melke

Business Development

Lis Ochoa

Lisbeth Ochoa

Head of Administration

Jason Walker Insurtech - Relativity6 Adviser

Jason Walker


Judson Norton Erwin Insurance Agency Adviser

Judson Norton


Duncan Simester

Adviser, MIT Professor

Zachary Steinback

Head of Business Development

Karina Meléndez

Head of Human Resources

Arcangel Salazar

Arcangel Salazar

Head of Tech Development

Jonathan Ringvald

Jonathan Ringvald

Chief Marketing Officer

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