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Founded at MIT and based on Alan and Abraham's graduate thesis research, Relativity6 is a machine learning/AI platform which enables carriers and brokers to accurately predict when their customers are most likely to churn. Coupled with our cross-sell recommendation algorithm we are able to reduce monthly churn by .5-1% on average.
We are MIT alumni, professors, data scientists, engineers and behavioral economists and have offices in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Los Angeles, California and Guadalajara, Mexico.

A few of our partners in retention.

Meet the Team

Alan Ringvald
CEO, Founder
Abraham Rodriguez
CTO, Founder
Nick Meyer
CPO, Founder
CMO, Founder
Duncan Simester
Advisor, MIT
Aaron Howell
Advisor, Guidewire
Clara De Soto
Advisor, Google
Zack Armen
Advisor, Financial

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