Say Goodbye to Bad Industry Data

Real-time data gives your teams the accurate and customizable market segmentation needed to convert your best opportunities with the right messaging.


The AI-powered API rapidly sifts through vast amounts of web data, making business classification decisions in less than 2 seconds.


Advanced algorithms accurately categorize businesses leading to highly accurate segmentation.


Find websites for tough to categorize businesses like Crypto and Cannabis.

Continuous Improvement

Leveraging machine learning, the API refines its categorization models over time for increasingly accurate segmentation.


The API streamlines the marketing segmentation process, giving sales and marketing teams more granular insights.

Higher CVRs

More accurate market segmentation means more qualified leads and messaging for 20% higher conversions rates.

With Relativity6 Enrichment, your team has automated custom insights - eliminating manual admin work. Automatically qualifying accounts at the top of the funnel for rich segmentation and targeted sales conversations.

No more bad industry data

Getting Started Relativity6's API

Pricing based on usage

Relativity6 pricing is based on API call volume. To learn more, contact sales for specific pricing information.

Onboarding Support

Technical support and resources are available to help you successfully implement and use the API.

Contact Sales

Contact sales for a demo and introductory call where you can learn more about the API and how it can benefit your sales and marketing organizations.