AI Applications 30X faster

Build Smart Data Lakes and Predict Customer Behavior with AI

  • Identify and Keep your best customers

  • Cross-sell and Up-sell at the right time

  • Prioritize based on dynamic lifetime value

  • Reduce monthly churn by .5 - 1%

Integrating AI with Willis Towers Watson

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Smart Data Lakes

Maximizing Customer Lifetime Value

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Get Accurate and Explainable
Predictions with our AI Platform

  • Detect early behavioral signals

  • Recommend relevant products

  • Prioritize Customers based on lifetime value

  • Keep Customers Longer with insights

Commercial Insurance

Case Study: Relativity6 and Willis Towers Watson Increase Customer Retention

Using Relativity6 Technology, WTW increased customer retention. WTW expects annual 5% growth in client retention and double digit growth in new business conversion.

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Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning

A Data Science Platform,
Developed at MIT

Built at MIT, Marvin is Relativity6's scalable platform for maximizing customer value. Out of the box, Marvin is trained to predict your customer's lifetime value, which of your customers will churn, and how to keep them longer.

But when goals change, Marvin will optimize for new business objectives: revenue retention, cross-sell and up-sell opportunities, or contact center efficiency.

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The Technology


External Knowledge Graph

Relativity6's Knowledge Graph is a massive data store used to contextualize customer behavior, outside of your internal data.

The Knowledge Graph is built on a graph database with over 1.5TB of contextual data points, that help overcome challenges like data sparsity and uneven data sampling.

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Lots of Data. Results Fast.

Relativity6’s high performance, flexible infrastructure lets your team run experiments and learn fast without the heavy up-front investment.

Trends and insights are surfaced quickly and our algorithms run on GPUs that rip through large datasets.

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No Black Boxes.

Too many companies selling AI and Machine Learning try to hide everything behind the word "proprietary". But no one understands your business better than you.

So we built Marvin as an open platform, designed to make it easy to collaborate with your data science team and enhance their capabilities.

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AI Insights

Insights generated by algorithms, interpreted and presented by data scientists for real and immediate return on your investment.

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AI that "non-AI" People Actually Understand.

Predictions are useless if only computers and data scientists understand them.

Relativity6 uses state-of-the-art technology to make highly accurate predictions, while also making them easy to understand.

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  • Retention
  • Behavioral Analytics
  • Broker/Agent Analytics
  • Revenue Optimization
  • Product Recommendations

What our partners have to say about us


"Relativity6 was quickly able to generate win-back and cross-sell models that were impressively precise.”

Vice President of Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics - Tier 1 insurance carrier

“We had a depth of understanding performance within the business that we never had before.”

General Manager- Tier 1 uk Insurance Carrier

Incredible improvement

“We more than made up our investment after 2 months into the license"

Head of Business Unit - Tier 2 Carrier

Retention is a priority now

“Relativity6 has a deep understanding and appreciation for the agent, customer relationship. Our agents love Marvin!"

VP of Innovation - Tier 2 Carrier