More Cross Sell Opportunities for your team

  • Cross-sell and Up-sell the right product at the right time
  • Better interact with clients and minimize E&O exposure
  • Give Brokers and Agents relevant reasons to reach out
  • Identify and Keep your best customers 120 days before Time of Renewal

An Artificial Intelligence Platform,

Built to optimize your book of business 

Built at MIT, Marvin is Relativity6's scalable platform for maximizing customer value. Out of the box, Marvin is trained to predict your customer's lifetime value, which of your customers will churn, and how to keep them longer.

Marvin's Insurance Cross Sell Recommendation Engine is optimized for your business objectives: cross-sell and up-sell opportunities, better customer engagement and maximized lifetime value.

A Transformative AI Platform

Relativity6's platform is the first step to getting your organization adding value with Artificial Intelligence.

  • Add AI capabilities to your sales and marketing teams
  • Use AI to optimize to your KPIs
  • Reinforcement learning helps increase your AI's accuracy

AI-driven Digital Transformation

Lots of Data. Results Fast.

Relativity6’s high performance, flexible infrastructure lets your team run experiments and learn fast without the heavy up-front investment.

No Black Boxes.

Too many companies selling AI and Machine Learning try to hide everything behind the word "proprietary". But no one understands your business better than you.

AI Generated Insights 

Relativity6’s high performance, flexible infrastructure lets your team run experiments and learn fast without the heavy up-front investment.

R6 Ext. Knowledge Graph

Relativity6's Knowledge Graph is a massive data store used to contextualize customer behavior, outside of your internal data.

AI that "non-AI" People Actually Understand.

Predictions are useless if only computers and data scientists understand them. Relativity6 uses state-of-the-art technology to make highly accurate predictions, while also making them easy to understand.

Relativity6's AI insights and predictions gave us a depth of understanding and performance within the business that we never had before.

Brian Arnold

Brent Lehmann

General Manager, Innovation, Willis Towers Watson

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Relativity6's Platform at work

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Plug and Play SV: Willis Towers Watson and Relativity6 Collaborate on AI

Learn how to implement a large AI project at the enterprise level.

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Relativity6 Customer Lifetime Value Platform 

Relativity6 published paper outlining theory behind the R6 Customer Lifetime Value Paper

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Relativity6 Cross Sell Technology

Relativity6's AI Powered Cross Sell Technology is ready to go out of the box.

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