Industry Classification for Lending with AI

Discover an unparalleled level of risk management with our AI-based Commercial Lending API. Elevate your financial institution's risk detection and appetite policy. Join forces with Relativity6 to weed out risky applications while improving efficiency and profitability.



The AI-powered API rapidly sifts through vast amounts of web data, making business classification decisions in less than 2 seconds.


Advanced algorithms accurately categorize businesses, and find risky flags, leading to highly precise lending decisions.

Risk Reduction

By classifying businesses based on various factors, the API helps reduce the risk of lending to unstable or unprofitable businesses.

Continuous Improvement

Leveraging machine learning, the API refines its categorization models over time for increasingly accurate classifications and flags.


The API streamlines the loan decision process, saving commercial lenders time and resources.


By enabling better-informed lending decisions, the API can increase the profitability of commercial lenders.

Relativity6's API is a cutting-edge technology solution designed to revolutionize risk management in the insurance and financial lending sectors. By leveraging advanced algorithms and predictive analytics, this API can accurately identify, assess, and prioritize potential risks, transforming them into actionable insights.

This solution is particularly beneficial for underwriting groups, who are tasked with determining the risk associated with providing insurance coverage or extending loans. Traditionally, this process involves labor-intensive analysis and a degree of uncertainty. Our risk flagging API eliminates these issues by automating much of the assessment process and providing more precise and data-driven risk analysis.

Easy API Integration and Compatibility

Relativity6's API is easy to integrate with lender decisioning systems. It takes less than a few hours for a software engineer to implement and test any of Relativity6's API endpoints.
Relativity6 has Simple API documentation and robust customer support.
We ensure a smooth integration process and provide ongoing assistance from the start of the integration throughout the entire process.

Getting Started Relativity6's API

Pricing based on usage

Relativity6 pricing is based on API call volume. To learn more, contact sales for specific pricing information.

Onboarding Support

Technical support and resources are available to help you successfully implement and use the API.

Contact Sales

Contact sales for a demo and introductory call where you can learn more about the API and how it can benefit your underwriting organization.