Workers Compensation Industry Classification Codes API

Inputting just a business name and address, Relativity6's AI-powered Live Search detects General Liability, and Workers Compensation codes and flags hazardous business activities in seconds.


Instant Business Context

Determine eligibility and pricing in less than a second. Don't rely on agents or insured for industry codes.

Answer WC Underwriting Questions

Prevent premium leakage with less misclassifications and missed risks.

Connect to Appetite

Industry codes are increasingly becoming the key data connector between submissions and appetite.

Improved Pre-fill CX

The improved customer experience during the application process results in higher satisfaction levels and increased policy retention.

Better Risk Management

Better risk management and decision-making for underwriting are achieved through accurate NAICS classification and the real-time capabilities of the API

Reduce Premium Leakage

By reducing premium leakage and misclassification risks, the API helps insurers protect their profitability and maintain a healthy book of business.

Relativity6's Workers Compensation Industry Classification API is the world's first real time business context engines to help WC underwriters find appetites for insureds. Wrapped in a simple API, your platform can integrate up-to-the second classifications, digital footprint existence checks and links, and KYB keywords in one call to our platform.

Easy API Integration and Compatibility

The real-time classification API is easy to integrate with existing policy submission and underwriting workbench systems. It takes less than a few hours for a software engineer to implement and test the Relativity6 API.
Relativity6 has Simple API documentation and robust customer support.
We ensure a smooth integration process and provide ongoing assistance from the start of the integration throughout the entire process.

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Getting Started with the Real-Time Industry Classification API

Pricing based on usage

Relativity6 pricing is based on API call volume. To learn more, contact sales for specific pricing information.

Onboarding Support

Technical support and resources are available to help you successfully implement and use the API.

Contact Sales

Contact sales for a demo and introductory call where you can learn more about the API and how it can benefit your underwriting organization.