Relativity6 Welcomes 50th Customer, Advancing its Mission to Solve Industry Classification with Artificial Intelligence

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CAMBRIDGE, Mass., July 6, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Relativity6, an innovative AI company founded at MIT, proudly announces the signing of its 50th enterprise customer. This achievement strengthens its commitment to transform industry classification using advanced artificial intelligence across industries.

Relativity6 continues to provide AI-driven industry classification solutions that help businesses better understand what their customers and prospects actually do. The acquisition of the 50th customer marks an important step in the company's journey, affirming the effectiveness and applicability of AI technologies at the enterprise level.

Alan Ringvald, CEO of Relativity6, said, "AI has arrived. This milestone reflects our commitment to using AI to redefine and solve what is widely considered the hardest problem in business intelligence -  industry classification. As we continue to grow, we're excited about the future opportunities for our team, happy customers, and dedicated partners."

Relativity6's diverse client base spans fortune 100 insurance carriers and banks, to retail sectors and data providers, showcasing its ability to deliver value across different industries and use cases. The product's adaptability and configurability to meet unique customer needs cements its position as a leader in AI-based industry classification.

In just a few years, Relativity6 has effectively disrupted traditional industry classification models. The trust customers place in the company underscores its reputation for developing impactful solutions.

As Relativity6 moves forward, it will continue to enhance its AI-powered product suite, expand its customer base, and maintain its commitment to innovating on the industry classification problem.

Ringvald concluded, "Look around, how many AI companies do you see in the market with 50 large enterprise customers using technology to solve the same problem? Reaching 50 customers is a big deal, but it's just the start. We're focused on pushing the boundaries of industry classification, shaping its future on a larger scale across industries and geographies."

About Relativity6:
Relativity6 is a Boston-based technology company that uses cutting-edge artificial intelligence to redefine industry classification. Its advanced solutions enable businesses to better understand their customer landscape, helping them make more strategic and actionable decisions.

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Jonathan Ringvald

CPO, Relativity6

Jonathan Ringvald is the Chief Product Officer (CPO) of Relativity6, a data science and artificial intelligence company based in Boston, Massachusetts. With over 15 years of experience in product management and development, Ringvald has a proven track record of leading successful product teams and delivering innovative solutions that drive business growth