NAICs code for Non Profit

The NAICs code for Civic and Social Organizations is 813410. The establishments in this industry are mainly involved in promoting the civic and social interests of their members. They may also operate bars and restaurants and provide other recreational services to their members. Examples of such organizations include alumni associations, social clubs, and fraternal lodges. Insurance carriers or insurance offices operated by fraternal benefit organizations are classified in Subsector 524.

Examples of NAICS Civic and Social Organizations

  • Social organizations
  • Public speaking improvement clubs
  • Automobile clubs (except road and travel services)
  • Fraternal benefit organizations or fraternal associations
  • Youth clubs (except recreational only)

NAICs Code for Rooming and Boarding Houses, Dormitories, and Workers' Camps

The NAICs code for boarding houses is 721310. This industry is comprised of establishments primarily engaged in rooming and boarding houses, fraternity houses, sorority houses, off-campus dormitories, residential clubs, and workers' camps. These establishments offer temporary or long-term accommodations that can serve as the principal residence for the duration of the occupancy, and may provide complementary services such as housekeeping, meals, and laundry services.

NAICs Code for Religious Organizations

The NAICs code for religious organizations is 721310. The industry includes establishments primarily including churches, religious temples, and monasteries, and/or establishments primarily engaged in administering or promoting religious activities.

NAICs Code for Automobile Travel Clubs

The NAICs code for All Other Travel Arrangement and Reservation Services is 561599. The primary function of businesses in this industry is to offer travel arrangement and reservation services, with the exception of travel agencies, tour operators, and convention and visitors bureaus. This can encompass anything from reserving flights, hotels, and car rentals to selling tickets for concerts and sports events. This can also include motor travel clubs.