NAICs Code for Uber Driver

The NAICs code for Taxi and ridesharing services is 485310. Companies in this sector offer transportation services to passengers using automobiles or vans that are not operated on regular routes or schedules. This includes businesses that are involved in operating taxicabs, managing taxicab fleets, and providing ridesharing and ride-hailing services.

Taxi and Ridesharing Services Examples

  • Cab
  • Ride hailing arrangement services
  • Ride hailing services
  • Ridesharing arrangement services
  • Ridesharing services
  • Taxicab dispatch services
  • Taxicab fleet operators
  • Taxicab organizations
  • Taxicab services

NAICs Code for Limousine Service 485320

The NAICs code for limousine services is 485320. Companies in this sector offer specialized and high-end passenger transport services, typically in limousines or luxury sedans that are reserved in advance. These businesses do not follow regular routes or schedules.

Limousine Service Examples

  • Automobile rental with driver
  • Hearse rental with driver
  • Limousine services
  • Limousines for hire with driver
  • Luxury automobiles for hire with driver
  • Passenger limousine rental with driver
  • Passenger van rental with driver

Special Needs Transportation 485991

The NAICs code for Special Needs Transportation is 485991. This industry in the United States comprises businesses primarily engaged in providing specialized transportation services for disabled or elderly individuals, except for transportation to and from work or school. These establishments may utilize specialized vehicles for passenger transportation.

Special Needs Transportation Examples

  • Disabled or elderly passenger transportation services
  • Nonemergency medical transportation services (except ambulance services)
  • Paratransit transportation services
  • Pet transportation services
  • Senior citizens transportation services
  • Special needs passenger transportation services

All Other Transit and Ground Passenger Transportation

The NAICs code for All Other Transit and Ground Passenger Transportation is 485999. This industry in the United States involves establishments that primarily provide land-based passenger transportation services, with the exception of urban transit systems, interurban and rural bus transportation, taxi and limousine services (except shuttle services), school and employee bus transportation, charter bus services, and special needs transportation. This industry also includes shuttle services, carpooling, and vanpooling operations (except ridesharing and ridesharing arrangement services). Shuttle service companies mainly offer transportation on a set schedule and route between hotels, airports, or other destination points.