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Pruning the NAICS Tree: Classifying a Tree Trimming Service

Greetings, business mavens and Relativity6''rs! Today, we're branching out to talk about something that keeps our neighborhoods beautiful and our homes safe - Tree Trimming Services!

But what is the NAICS code for a Tree Trimming Service? Let's 'leaf' no stone unturned and get to the 'root' of this business classification.

The NAICS Code for Tree Trimming Service

Determining the NAICS code for a Tree Trimming Service is quite straightforward, unlike our previous subject of Axe Throwing Bars (remember that fun adventure?).

Tree Trimming Services typically fall under the NAICS code 561730, which stands for "Landscaping Services." This sector covers a broad range of services including planting trees, shrubs, plants, lawn and garden sprinkler installation, and of course, tree and shrub trimming and removal.

However, this category isn't just about making our neighborhoods look good. It's also about safety. Tree Trimming Services often deal with potentially hazardous situations, removing dangerous branches and managing the health of trees to prevent future issues.

Is NAICS enough in this situation?

Now that we've pruned our way through the NAICS codes, let's dive into something even more exciting – our Risk Flags API!

While NAICS codes are fantastic for classifying businesses and identifying industry trends, they might not catch everything. Sometimes, you need a finer comb to catch specific services or operations within a business. That's where our Risk Flags API steps in.

For example, if you're an insurance company looking to identify businesses that offer tree trimming services, you might need more information than the NAICS code alone provides. A landscaping company could offer an array of services, from lawn maintenance to tree trimming, each with a different risk profile. But, how do you know which businesses are specifically involved in tree trimming?

That's where our Risk Flags API becomes your best friend. It can help you pinpoint specific operations like "tree-trimming," allowing you to assess risk more accurately and provide services tailored to your customers' unique needs.

The Secondary NAICS Activity

Some Tree Trimming Services may also provide ancillary services such as pest control or consultation services. In these cases, they would fall under additional NAICS codes such as 561710 for "Exterminating and Pest Control Services," or 541320 for "Landscape Architectural Services."

It's essential to identify these secondary activities for complete classification, but as always, the primary activity, the one that earns the most revenue, will determine your primary NAICS code.

Trimming Your Way to Accurate Business Classification

So, there you have it - the NAICS classification for Tree Trimming Services. By understanding the primary and potential secondary activities of your business, you can accurately classify your business and unlock a wealth of useful data and insights.

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Jonathan Ringvald

CPO, Relativity6

Jonathan Ringvald is the Chief Product Officer (CPO) of Relativity6, a data science and artificial intelligence company based in Boston, Massachusetts. With over 15 years of experience in product management and development, Ringvald has a proven track record of leading successful product teams and delivering innovative solutions that drive business growth