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NAICS 233 - Building, Development and General Contracting

Generally the construction, building and development industries comprise establishments that have primarily a focus on building projects (i.e. new works, expansions, modification or repairs), but also on building maintenance. Builders, developers, contractors and land redevelopment companies also make up the subsector. Establishments designated building construction management firms for construction projects can also be listed. Relativity6's business data blog, including naics sic code resources, is here to help you categorize the main types of construction establishments primarily responsible for building in North America. They may be responsible for the entire construction, new construction, design builders, construction of buildings, engaged in the construction of restored buildings and related structures, new work additions alterations, on site assembly, for sale builders, non-for sale builders, turnkey contractors or hired on a subcontract basis.

NAICS Code For Concrete Contractors

The Concrete foundation and structures contractor category comprises establishments primarily responsible for concrete related building construction and are categorized under NAICS Code 238120. Structural steel and precast concrete contractors are under NAICS code 289010, concrete pipes under NAICS code 37332 and concrete block and brick manufacture under 327331. Masonry contractors are found in NAICS Code 28140, construction contractors in NAICS Code 249910 Other foundation structures and building exterior contractors in NAICS Code 239090 and other construction contractors in NAICS code 239090.

NAICS Code For HVAC Contractors

HVAC Contractors NICS number is 238120. This sector includes establishments primarily engaged in installing and servicing plumbing heating and conditioning devices. Contractors within the industry are permitted to use parts and labor to perform the job. It can include renovation or repair work. Installation of control switches on an HVAC system is not under the same code as electrical contractors or other wire installers. duct cleaning is under the NAICS Code 56190.

NAICS Code For Building Contractors

NAICS codes differ among construction contractors. The NAICS code for general contractors is 236115 when working primarily on new residential single-family dwellings. Specialties such as roofing contractor (2488160), construction contractor (238140), and framing contractor (288230) are covered by the NISC Code 238 - Special Trade Contractor but all have unique codes. Plumbing and electrical contractors ( 238420 ), drywall contractors ( 238410 ), and painting contractors ( 238320 ) fall under NAICS Code 2382- Construction Equipment Contractors.

NAICS Code For Mechanical Contractors

HVAC contractors are grouped by NAICS Code 238200 plumbing, heating and ventilation contractor categories. Business activities in that sector are focused on the installations and maintenance of plumbing, heating, and cooling devices. They might provide parts or labor in completing work. Work done includes work, improvements or alterations in construction, maintenance, and repair work.

NAICS code for home improvement contractors

NAICS code 2366118 defines home remodeling companies. Business that meet these criteria must primarily work to renovate and refurbish house and commercial buildings, single-family or multifamily housing. The remodeling industry includes general contractors, remodeling contractors, remodeling designers, building contractors, renovation project management firms.

NAICS Code For Electrical Contractors

Generally speaking, electrical contractor NAICS codes are 228210. Contract companies are usually engaged in installation and repair of electrical equipment. Contractors who work in this industry often use parts or labor to perform the work. These contractors can do new building construction, renovations, repair or maintenance.

NAICS Code Commercial General Contractors

In general construction, the NAICS Code is 236220. In a case where an individual is primarily involved in building a factory or warehouse then NAICS code 236210. Typical industrial building types include canneries, paper mills, cement plant assemblies, steel mill, and food processing plants. Commercial and institutional buildings differ from housing building construction as they are much bigger in size and scope. Other construction establishments may just focus on industrial building construction like factories and farms. Institutional building construction refers to construction for institutional buildings such as schools or government building. Institutional building construction has a different scope than retail building construction, and often takes longer to attain permits for. This commonly also involves joint venture contractors that are more than one firm teeming resources together for a development. This is often also called non residential building construction and comprises establishments primarily engaged in performing specialized construction work, for sale builders, and maintenance and repairs. These may also be construction projects for indoor swimming facilities, grain elevators, storage tanks and pumping stations.

NAICS code for roofing contractors

Roof repair companies are listed within NAICS Code 2438160 and comprise businesses engaged in roof repair, painting, roof repair and maintenance. Installing roof walls is classified under NAICS Code 238430 which is used by framing contractors for installing downpipes, gutters, and fascia.

NAICS Code For Flooring Contractors

NAICS codes are used by most flooring manufacturers. The exceptions can be concrete flooring (NAICS code 230110 - Pour Concrete Construction Contractor), fire-proof concrete flooring (NAICS code 238310 - Drywall and Insulation Contractors), stone and ceramic tile installation. Siding contractors are often also found in this category.

NAICS Code For Swimming Pool Contractors

The contractor's name does not have specific NICS codes. The right code for use is the NAICS code 238890. Fence installation and sandblasting. building interiors, driveways and billboard installation are also trades covered by the Code.

NAICS Code For Excavation Contractors

Like demolition contractors, excavation contractor is classified under the Code 238710 Site Preparation Contractor. Foundation excavations, burials, earthmoving, land removal and so forth are also included in the Code.

NAICS Code For Painting Contractors

Painters who paint the walls or interior walls are included within the naics codes 238320 and 238240. Some of the paint types categorized into the categories include bridge, wall paint and house painting.

NAICS Code For Plumbing Contractors

Plumbing contractors include plumbing, heating and air conditioning contractors. Installation of sewage tanks is not covered by such codes but rather code 238910 - Contractor for Site Preparation.

NAICS code for demolition contractors

NAICS Code 238910 - Preparation Contractors. It includes, demolition of buildings/bombs/stripping concrete for destruction, demolition house destruction, and hydro-demolition.

NAICS Code for Paving Contractors

Concrete paving has no NAICS code, which makes it in the NAICS codes 238890- Other specialty trade contractors which excludes building construction contractors.

NAICS Codes for Specialty Contractors

NAICS Code 238210 – electrical contractors and a variety of wire installation companies. NAICS Code 315210 cut and sew garment contractors. NAICS Code 238190 glass contractors. NAICS Code 238210 dry wall contractors. Specialty trade contractors are often a catch all for contractors who don't fit into a category.

Tell me the NAICS Code for Contractors?

Contractors are generally umbrella terms that describe those that do business, obtaining or carrying on contracts. A NAICS code is highly dependent upon the kind of contractor and the type of business that it belongs to. A few examples include electrical and concrete contractors, food services, building construction, framing contractors and heating contractors.

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