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NAICs Code for Insurance Agencies and Brokerages

The NAICs code for insurance agencies and brokerages is 524210. This industry includes insurance agencies, brokerages, and brokers' offices that specialize in providing coverage for risks such as property damage, liability, and health. Life insurance agencies are also a significant part of this industry, offering policies that provide financial protection in the event of an individual's death. The finance and insurance services industry is regulated by government agencies and includes a range of companies from small independent firms to large multinational corporations. The industry is constantly evolving, with new products and services being introduced to meet changing customer needs and preferences.

Examples of NAICs code for Insurance Agency

  • Agencies, insurance,
  • Brokerage, insurance
  • Brokers’ offices, insurance
  • Insurance agencies
  • Insurance brokerages
  • Life insurance agencies

NAICs Code for Claims Adjusting

The NAICs code for claims adjusting is 524291. This industry includes a variety of businesses, such as cause-of-loss investigators, claims adjusters, and fire investigators, who investigate and assess the extent of damage or loss. Insurance settlement offices facilitate the process of filing and settling insurance claims, while loss control consultants provide advice and guidance to policyholders on how to prevent future losses. These businesses play an essential role in the insurance industry, providing services that help to ensure fair and efficient settlement of insurance claims, protect insurers from fraud, and improve risk management practices.

Business Examples

  • Cause-of-loss investigators, insurance
  • Claims adjusting, insurance
  • Fire investigators
  • Insurance claims adjusting
  • Insurance claims investigation services
  • Insurance settlement offices
  • Loss control consultants

NAICs Code for All Other Insurance Activities

The NAICs code for all other insurance activities is 524298. Among these are actuarial services, which provide expertise in assessing and managing risk, insurance advisory services, which offer guidance and recommendations to clients, and insurance coverage consulting services, which help businesses and individuals find the right insurance coverage to meet their needs. Other services within the insurance industry include insurance exchanges, which facilitate the buying and selling of insurance policies, and insurance investigation services, which investigate insurance-related matters such as fraud and other irregularities. Additionally, there are insurance loss prevention services, which focus on reducing the risk of loss or damage to insured property, and insurance ratemaking services, which help insurers determine the appropriate premiums to charge for their policies. Finally, medical cost evaluation services and insurance underwriters laboratories and standards services also play important roles in ensuring the integrity and quality of insurance services.

Business Examples

  • Actuarial services, insurance
  • Insurance actuarial services
  • Insurance advisory services
  • Insurance coverage consulting services
  • Insurance exchanges
  • Insurance investigation services (except claims investigation)
  • Insurance loss prevention services
  • Insurance ratemaking services
  • Insurance reporting services
  • Insurance underwriters laboratories and standards services
  • Medical cost evaluation services
  • Ratemaking services, insurance agencies

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