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NAICS Code 454110 Description

These industries are established in areas that are mainly engaged in selling all types of products in non-retail means such as catalogs, telephones, or electronic materials such as interactive television or internet. These include companies whose primarily focus is on sales involving catalogue showrooms, electronic shopping and mail order houses. Shopping and mail order web retailers such as Shopify are known for hosting internet retail sites for new and used merchandise on an auction (ebay) basis or non-auction basis. Electronic shopping and mail order have become the default in today's post-covid economy. The same establishment that has brick and mortar clothing store often also has shopping and mail order, electronic shopping and mail store retailing. Establishments primarily engaged in in-person new and used merchandise shopping are categorized under Other Clothing Stores (448190). Naics code 454110 is primarily used for electronic shopping and mail order houses that get most of their revenue from mail order business. Home shopping, any nonstore retailing, physical auction sites and internet retail sales sites also fall into this final level code category. Although they're waning in popularity, mail order houses that primarily use toll free telephone numbers to place orders are also categorized in naics code 454110. A common misclassification is under the naics code for other miscellaneous store retailers or miscellaneous store retailers.

What is the Naics code for selling clothes?

These industries consist of businesses whose primarily focuses on the retailing of special lines of new clothing and the other exception is general lines for the male, woman, infant and family. The same establishments primarily engaged in retailing clothing in store are often the same establishment that have mail order houses or online retail, and as a result have multiple naics codes. Clothing mail order houses establishments primarily engaged in retailing clothes at a physical location should not use naics code 454110, but should use the clothing store retailing naics code, 448190.

More details about NAICS codes 454110

NAICS Code 454110 - e-commerce and postal stores are the third level code of the Retail Trade sectors. The United States employs more than 534,893 people from the 8441, verified companies that operate in this sector. This is a growing industry, with estimated employment projected to increase. Online stores offer electronic media based shopping and mail order experiences by providing internet publishing and online payment processing. Associated activities are an emphasis on social media and online classified ads and keyword search capabilities.

What is the Naics code for online clothing boutique?

How can we identify NAICS codes on ecommerce websites? The online shopping codes are 454110.

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