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Restaurants are establishments primarily engaged in providing food services and serving or not serving alcoholic beverages. Establishments primarily engaged in just alcoholic beverages are categorized as 722410 - Drinking Places (Alcoholic Beverages). The industry comprises establishments primarily serving food and nonalcoholic beverage bars like Boba shops are often found in other naics codes alongside other nonalcoholic beverage bars like cafes.

NAICS 722211 - Limited-Service Restaurants

The American food industry comprises establishments mainly engaged to provide food service and nonalcoholic drinks bars. Generally food and drinks are served from the premises and delivered to customers' homes. Some businesses may offer such food services together with the sale of alcohol products. Examples include pizza delivery shops, limited service pizza parlors, delicatessen restaurants, or dine-ins that serve you at your mobile vehicles. This u.s industry comprises establishments that also may be retailing confectionery goods, retailing baked goods and offering frozen yogurt and/or a specialty snack.

NAICS Code 722511 - Full-Service Restaurants

The American industry includes establishments providing food services to clients ordering meals in the dining area or serving food to the customer while the waiter/waitress has paid for the meal. These establishments might offer such food service to patrons as well as sell alcohol beverages and carry-out services, or show non-theater-like live performances. Patrons dining at full service restaurants generally order food or food services and are waited on. 722511 full service restaurants differ primarily to limited service restaurants by their use of a waiter or waitress and their likelihood to be selling alcoholic beverages. Family restaurants are a popular category for full service restaurants because family restaurants always have a waiter. This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in food services to patrons, patrons generally order food for immediate consumption on the premises. Less often, restaurants are presenting live theatrical productions and providing food. Fine dining restaurants that sell nonalcoholic beverages are also common.

Bar and Grill NAICS Code

The NAICS Codes for bar and grill is typically 722511, if the primary business service is food service and sales.

Bar NAICS Code

The NAICS Codes for a bar is 722410 - Drinking Places (Alcoholic Beverages), if the primary business service is alcohol sales and service.

NAICS code for Coffee Shop

The NAICS Codes for a coffee shop is Snack and Nonalcoholic Beverage Bars - 722515, if the primary business service is coffee beverage service. If the coffee shop serves more food than coffee, you should opt for NAICS 722211 - Limited-Service Restaurants, which is also the cafe naics code. The 722515 naics code can also refer to boba shops and similar establishments.

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