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NAICs Code for Staffing Agency

The NAICs code for employment placement agencies is 561311. Companies that fall under this employment services industry focus on advertising job openings and matching job seekers to employment opportunities. However, the people who are referred or placed are not considered the own employees of the employment placement agencies themselves.

Employment Placement Agencies Examples

  • Babysitting bureaus (i.e., registries)
  • Employment registries
  • Casting agencies or bureaus (i.e., motion picture, theatrical, video)
  • Model registries
  • Employment agencies
  • Employment placement agencies

NAICs Code for Executive Search Services

The NAICs code for executive search services is 561312. This sector comprises establishments primarily engaged in executive search, recruitment, and placement services for clients with executive and senior management job requirements looking to fill employment vacancies. The scope of services offered by these businesses may include devising a search plan and position definition based on the client's culture and needs; researching, identifying, screening, and interviewing candidates; verifying candidate credentials; and aiding in final offer negotiations and integration of the chosen candidate. The individuals recruited, identified, or placed are not employed by the executive search services firms.

Executive Search Services Examples

  • Senior executive search services
  • Executive placement services
  • Executive search services

NAICs Code for Temporary Help Services

The NAICs code for temporary help services is 561320. Temporary help service providers offer businesses the option to hire workers for a limited time to supplement their workforce and fill employment vacancies. The workers are employees of the temporary help service provider and are not directly supervised at the client's worksite.

Temporary Help Services Examples

  • Help supply services
  • Model supply services
  • Labor (except farm) contractors (i.e., personnel suppliers)
  • Temporary employment or temporary staffing services
  • Manpower pools

NAICs Code for Professional Employer Organizations

The NAICs code for professional employer organizations is 561330. This sector involves establishments primarily engaged in providing human resources and personnel management services to households and client businesses, operating in a co-employment relationship. These organizations offer a broad range of duties, including payroll, tax management, benefits administration, unemployment management, human resources administration and human resource management services. Professional employer organizations (PEOs) are responsible for payroll and employment-related taxes for some or all of their client's employees and act as their employer for benefits and related purposes.

Professional Employer Organizations Examples

  • Co-employment staffing services
  • Employee leasing services
  • Labor leasing services
  • PEO (professional employer organizations)
  • Staff leasing services

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