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Tell me the NAICS code for trucking?

The NAICS code for truck transport is 484 and many specific sectors fall within the code. Industries in this sub-sector transport cargo over-the-road via automobile vehicles including cars. The subsectors are classified into general freight transportation and specialty freight transportation. These distinctions are related to differing technology used, type of load carried, time-management terminals and networking services. General cargo transportation facilities handle a large variety of general goods generally palletized and deposited into boxes and truck trailers.

NAICS Code For General Freight Trucking

The umbrella NAICS codes are 4841 and specific NAICS codes fall under it. Local general freight trucking is classified as NAICS code 484110, while long-distance general freight transportation code 484111. The LTL (nearly truck loads) transport of general merchandise has NAICS codes 444222 for long distance transport. General freight trucking businesses under this code usually have network activities that include locally picked up and transported goods, locally sorting operations and terminal operations, line transportation, destination sorting and transportation and local deliveries. General freight trucking is a bit of a catch all for trucking businesses that aren't hauling specialized freight trucking long distance. General freight trucking is the most common of the trucking classes, which is, of course, indicated in the name "general freight".

NAICS Code for Long-Distance Trucking

The NASC codes on the long haul truck varies according to the type of transportation performed. Long Distance General Transportation trucking falls under codes 484121. Long Distance General Transportation LCL trucks fall under code 482122 and Long Distance Dedicated Transportation Trucks are listed under codes 444323. Freight trucking long distance typically refers to hauling across state lines. General freight trucking long distance is categorized in a different final level naics code because it carries different risk and credit implications. Freight trucking long distance also describes trucking that involves overnight stays at truck stops, while local trucking, that doesn't do trucking long distance truckload indicates shorter trips for construction or courier services. Independent trucking terminals can be used by general freight trucking long distance businesses and local trucking establishments. Truckload trucking and general freight transportation establishments don't fall into specialized freight transportation that includes trucking specialized goods locally or across state lines.

NAICS Code For Local Freight Trucking

A proper NAICS code for local shipping varies according to whether the shipment consists of goods or is special. Local General Freight Trucking is covered by the NAICS Code 44110. Freight trucking general. Local. Freight trucking specialized is covered by NAICS Code 44220: Specialized, Freight Trucking, Local. Bulk mail truck transportation is most commonly categorized here. Trucking long distance truckload and general freight trucking long distance falls into a different final naics level category.

NAICS Code For Trucking Companies

NAICS Codes for trucks depend on the types of trucks. NAICS code 484 - Truck Transport is the primary sub sector for the trucking industry.Some trucking categories are further sorted out.. Trucking sub-sectors transport goods over the highways by motorized vehicles, including tractors and trailers. Trucking long distance truckload and general freight trucking long distance should be categorized in 482122.

NAICS Code For Commercial Trucking

Commercial trucks are generally termed "truck drivers" of any type whose business consists of commerce with others. Since this doesn't affect commercial trucking, the NICS code does not apply. Codes for a particular truck type are based on this particular operation.

NAICS Code For Hotshot Trucking

Hotshot trucking involves transporting relatively small loads to an area generally within one particular time period. The correct ICS codes are 484110 for local transport whereas long-distance codes are 448412 for long-distance.

NAICS Code For Truck Drivers

The NASC Codes of Independent Truck Drivers are 488490. Additional supports activities for road transportation. This sector comprises establishments that provide services to road-use users (other than car towed). 

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