Semsee Partners with Relativity6 to Offer Smart Search for NAICS Codes

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Semsee, the go-to platform for selling commercial insurance, announced that it is adding business classification recommendations to help agents more easily classify a risk. They simply input a name and address and will be given recommendations that further streamline and improve accuracy in the commercial quoting process. To provide this functionality Semsee has partnered with Relativity6, a real-time search and classification API that provides accurate 6-digit NAICS predictions and company existence checks and flags.

Relativity6 will power Semsee’s NAICS Assistant, an AI driven search which helps agents narrow down their NAICS search and match them with the correct code that meets their client’s needs. This capability will cut down search time for agents and validate their work.

“Semsee is 100% focused on the agent and what they need to better serve their commercial clients. Our customers have been asking for a more streamlined approach to selecting NAICS codes,” said Philip Charles-Pierre, CEO of Semsee. “Our partnership with Relativity6 enables us to answer their call enabling them to accurately classify their clients in a matter of minutes.”

Alan Ringvald, CEO of Relativity6 said, “Small businesses are becoming more versatile which can make it difficult for agents to properly categorize them. Correctly classifying a business is important to deliver accurate quotes. We’re excited to partner with Semsee, a company that shares our same passion about helping agents quickly deliver actionable quotes to their clients.”

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Increase Profitability and Stop Premium Leakage

Relativity6's AI-powered Live Search detects business' 6-digit NAICS and flags hazardous business activities in seconds.

Jonathan Ringvald

CPO, Relativity6

Jonathan Ringvald is the Chief Product Officer (CPO) of Relativity6, a data science and artificial intelligence company based in Boston, Massachusetts. With over 15 years of experience in product management and development, Ringvald has a proven track record of leading successful product teams and delivering innovative solutions that drive business growth