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  • Best in Class Industry Classification (6-digit 2017 and 2022 NAICS, SIC) with Confidence Scores

  • Business Descriptions
  • Business Research Links and more
  • LRO Cotenancy Data

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"Relativity6’s fast and easy to implement API gives us the crucial data needed to quickly process small commercial quotes, whether that's in our straight through or traditional underwriting process."

-Mitchell Kemper, Liberty Mutual

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Relativity6 scans the web and predicts NAICS codes in seconds.

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Companies use Relativity6 to help them understand what businesses do and increase efficiencies for underwriting, sales and marketing

Kylie Hubbard, Data Director

Kylie Hubbard, Data Director speaks to how Relativity6 adds value to leads in her Salesforce CRM.

"I just really fell in love with the idea that we could have AI out there doing some of the research on companies that we needed to be doing anyway"

Paul Bessire, Chief Data Officer
Coterie Insurance

Paul sits down to discuss how Relativity6's accurate industry classification is a key feature of their pricing and eligibility strategy.

Josh MacDonald, Chief Underwriting Officer
Elpha Secure

Chief Underwriting Officer Josh MacDonald sits down to discuss how Relativity6 enhances Elpha Secure's cyber underwriting strategy.

Padmanabh Dabke, Chief Product Officer
Measured Insurance

Measured's Chief Product Officer, Padmanabh Dabke discusses how Relativity6's unique methodology gives Measured Insurance an edge.

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